Riding the Homespot – Rheinwiese Düsseldorf Oberkassel

It was a long time ago i was riding on land at my homespot. Last Weekend i had some time and good wind from the right direction to go out for a little session on my 15m Speed IV Lotus.

Check out a selection of some sweet pictures we have made. Thanks to Chris for holding the cam. 😉


Ijmuiden Write-Up & Pictures – Flymasters 2015

Last weekend I was on the road to Holland for the final and last run of the European Champions 2015 in Ijmuiden.

It was clear that i will have no chance to get on the overall podium in the race contest, but after winning in Berlin i was really motivated to compete again.

The weather forecast has been not so bad. 12-17 knots from the sea for the Saturday.

The Freestylecontest should start first were i entered spontaneously. I wasn’t that well prepared but tried to have some fun. In The first heat against Jeroen P. from Holland I was able to win with some sweet rotations and long long hangtime due to a little overpower on my 18m Sonic Fr by Flysurfer Kiteboarding. But then i was out against Joey O. who was showing some nice and technical newschool riding.

After the contest Pascal, Emmanuel and me took some time to have a filming session with the DJI for a video- and photshooting. The pics you can see above. Video is coming soon on this page…

Next day we started only 1 Race because of very light wind conditions. Everyone was out on his biggest kite. The judges decided to put junior, seniors and veterans in one race.

With some really close fighting with the no-wind I became 3rd overall and 2nd in the senior class after Pascal L. on 1st and Julian H. on 2nd.

All in all it was a really nice event. Looking forward for the next season and hope to see you all soon!



Young Guns Kite Camp @ Dornum by KLBA

Next Weekend we will leave to Dornum, Germany for a Training-Camp for the Young Guns. It’s powered by the KLBA.

I will be there for coaching the Young Guns aDornum Young Guns Campnd also learning from them. :-)

We will do some workouts to prevent injures, training new freestyle move and do several race trainings to be the fastes kiters on the grass in the next contests.

If you like, come and visit the spot.



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Flysurfer Peak – The City Line Project

Emmanuel Norman & Yannick Schwickert having a project to kite along the city line of Düsseldorf.
For this they need special wind directions and good wind.
Perfect for free riding they are using the brand new Flysurfer Peak for riding.
Stay tuned for upcoming summer where this project will take place!!!