Firstname: Yannick

Name: Schwickert

Birthday: 26-07-1987

Location: Düsseldorf

Nationalityt: german


Kiting since: 2002

Discipline: Kitelandboarding, Snowkiting, Buggykiting, Kitesurfing

Kites: HQ-Powerkites

Home-Spot: Rheinwiese- Düsseldorf

Was kiting in: France, Portugal, Maledives, Oman, Norway,

Schwiss, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany

How I came to kiting

In 1987 I saw the light of day for the first time and already one year later I was sitting on my father's lap at Sylt and discovered the tremendous power of flying a kite. Still on handlebars of wood and 40m ropes i flew my first really oldschool 2-line kites.

A few years later, I got my own first stunt kite. The well-known Speedwing was already in a position to raise my low weight off the ground.

But even then I knew: "I want to fly higher, faster and farther!"

For Christmas I got my first buggy (Peter Lynn, with alloy wheels) and a 2.5m JOJO ET.

I was training with a big troop of riders on the Rhine-Meadows in Dusseldorf.

To date I have gained more experience and try to give these to newcomers so they can experience the fun of kiting on their own.

What could be better than a sport where you can discover the infinite freedom of nature and in additon friendly to our planet.


Yannick Schwickert